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"When I see person or a team rowing, I am mesmerized by the beauty of shell's movement on the water, as if the two are not even touching. The rower(s) blend into the water; it is all one...just energy; I find it majestic. I cannot wrestle my eyes away."


We come together from separate worlds.

We have our own stories.

We are strangers.

We rarely speak to each other.

We support each other.

We depend on each other.

We care for each other.

We come with caretakers.

We are laser-focused on our safety.

We depend on the volunteers.

We are stronger together.

We have today.


I imagine we are all here, adaptive rowing as one on a barge at Community Rowing, for different reasons. And the same reasons. For me?

I am here to live.

I am here to feel alive.

I am here to dive into that cave.

I am here to see how deep I can go.

I am here to blend with the water.

I am here to break free.

I am here to escape.

I am here to feel free.

I am here to forget.

I am here to be independent.

I am here to sweat.

I am here to work.

I am here because I can.

I am here because there's no place I'd rather be at this moment.

I am here to learn.

I am here to be a novice.

I am here to be with.

I am here to aspire.


We come to row be together.

We are Campbell, Richard, Jeanie, Mary, Zach, Ali. And our Volunteers-- Vickery, Bob, Martha, Clark. Our leaders and instructors-- Catherine and Tessa. It is they who make the miracle possible. To them, I am eternally grateful beyond expression. I am blessed.


It is a miracle I am here, rowing on the Charles River-- that I am able to do this; able to coordinate my body movements enough to row, despite the apparent goal of my disease to disarm me of all physical and mental coordination. My mind can now process one thought at a time, yet while rowing I am able to process two, even three, thoughts simultaneously...when to feather the oar, relax the shoulders, my stroke rate. For one hour, I am able to magically coordinate the movement of my legs, torso and arms...Yet, in my daily activities, I feel like menial abilities are mercilessly stripped from me every day...

I reach.


Alexa Joined Me!

Post-row HIGH!





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