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About my blog...

Why have I decided to blog? Primary Lateral Sclerosis. Support. Therapy. Inspiration. Community. For 5 years, I've been on an journey to figure out this disease and what it means to my life. It has taken me to many places, and one of them is here, a place I'd never thought I'd be. But I believe, as Chris Martin sings, "...Leave your broken windows open, and in the light just streams..." I am in new territory, a bit uncomfortable, a bit driven--fully engaged, now embracing my pioneering role.

This pic? Well, it captures me in one of the several places I call home, metaphorically but also literally in this particular picture...I will talk about home in one of my early posts...

And what of the title, El Cap? Of this, too, I will write. We all have an "El Cap," or calling in life, I believe, and we all have the capacity to find it. I use the term as a reference to El Capitan in the movie "Free Solo," where climber Alex Honnold is called to free solo climb the mountain's 900m vertical rock face...WHAT IS YOUR "El Cap"?

I hope to weave my story into the fabric of this blog, to reach out and thereby to give...and receive the support I need to burst through the windows that have been opened by my new world.

This is my story...

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