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She Used to Love Me

Updated: Jun 6, 2023


Winter REST (2018)



Clean and fresh and cool

Night air

Stillness or howling wind

Brushing my face


Snow falling, I stop

Time stands still

Adoring star-lit beauty

I shovel

I love Winter

Frigid, blowing

Sunny, strikingly blue

I fasten my Crescent Moons


I look afar

Vast, milk white, deep, rolling

Virgin snow

There for me

I step

I snowshoe

I love Winter

Brilliant and white

Snow under Atomics

Gliding, then fast

Descending, I bask

Home again

The piste envelopes


As I am and as I was

In a moment

Free and home

I ski

I love Winter

Winter's reign


Once more

I stare laser-like at pavement

Its spectrum of shades


Or safe I pose

Risk and I, unbalanced

Favor to winter's elements

Gusty and dark

Different, ever-changing


Born anew

I relearn

I love Winter

I stand. I stumble. I fall.

I walk. I stumble, I fall

I shovel. I stumble. I fall.

I snowshoe. I stumble. I fall.

I ski. I stumble. I fall.

I love Winter

I will always, all-ways love Winter

In Winter's palm

I will stand

I will walk

I will shovel

I will snowshoe

I will ski

I will BE

In Winter


Used to love me

And still DOES

And always WILL


December 7, 2019

Night Snowshoe, December 8, 2019


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