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S O L D.

Ode to a Bicycle

l e t t I n g . . . g o.

A spoke of my DNA

With me

Through thick; and thin

Rain, sleet, snow

Light or dark, always under me

Weather 8 or 98

My dependable, forgiving companion

Urban jungle, bucolic trail, violent sprint

With me physically

Each a soul of its own

Meant to soar, they are

A decision to part ways

S O L D.

A tear pushes through

My vacant smile

Two steeds

Expressionless, no-- sad

Mine no longer

Days pass

The struggle to let go


I am alone

Again, they come

Like raindrops falling on a window


A photograph

Companions always ready

Always up for the game

With a stranger now

Poor care of his bikes he takes

He told me

My heart breaks

Far from love

I gave them

In the quiet hours


For battle or ballet

Ridden they should be

I tell myself

Empty words in air

But only a fork in the journey


Has a time

A place

Fingers of the soul

Gently letting go


In a moment


Emptiness and Silence

Fill the void

Forever together.

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