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O Wondrous Sky!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

O Wondrous Sky!


Look up! I say

To heaven's way

Stop, if you can

If it be your will

To yonder sky

Let it be your canvas

Surrender your soul

Release your mind

Open the gate

Flow your unbound imagination

For a moment

Suspend time

See what comes to you

Or not, just look

Perhaps a rabbit

Swan or tree

A seahorse leads the way!

Wait, now a poodle floats in reverse

Or eyes, whole face, savage hair

With joy or scowl

Ocean blue, milk foam

Oyster gray, or midnight black

Everything is possible

Anything is possible


The only certainty

When to move on

You will know

Forth you will go

What did you see

A message, sign or clue

Or comfort or peace or more

To see you through

Life's cards



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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2020

O Wondrous You, Pete Quinn.

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