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Notes from "Li-Li"

Authored by my girlfriend's 8 year-old daughter, Leah, whom I affectionately refer to as "Li-Li."

As you can see from the tiny sample of her notes to me, Li-Li has a special gift. With the stroke of a marker, Li-Li morphs her thoughts into words or drawings on a piece of paper, into boxes constructed from tape and cardboard, or into any number of other DIY creations that have the capacity to change a moment in my day, or change my whole day, or to create a moment in time that will be with me forever.


What inspired me to write about Li-Li's gift? A few things-- to give to you; that is, to share this gift in hope that you will somehow experience the feeling she bestows upon me in these moments; to express gratitude and to be mindful of such magic in the world; and, to celebrate Li-Li! (Who doesn't like to be celebrated, right?) We all have the capacity to make someone feel the way Li-Li makes me feel. She inspires me to make someone feel so special, so cared for, so will I do that today? How will you?

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