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taken home after breaking my collarbone while descending Mt. Lafayette in of the many falls/broken bones that were clues to what was wrong...
...along the journey...

One of my more serious moments, apparently, captured in this shot, the first to accompany my blog...

Fear; yes, fear of pulling the trigger on this blog. I've thought about why to do it, why not to do it. My coach insightfully asks, "What is your fear, Peter...what is it?" in her worldly French accent. I've thought for days about that, as I've enumerated the reasons to do build community and support as I pioneer my path through the forest of this disease. To write as a form of therapy, to share my story, which I somehow have a need to do. I could just keep a journal, or write letters; but no, I want to share. I want to be out there in the sea of life, where I am vulnerable, where I can fail, where I can be rejected. But also, it is where I can be open to the world, open to who-knows-what, but maybe, just maybe, I will be lifted, guided, supported, and cultivated as I soar to heights I've dreamed perhaps it is less about fear, and more about courage, yes COURAGE, and boundless worlds it can open...

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