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1,000 Miles

Updated: May 27, 2023

Looking West to Mt. Wachusett, 18 Apr 2021

Of: 1,000 Miles on the Kettwiesel

Of being free

adrenaline no reins

Of independence

riding when and where I want

Of learning a new craft

with the thirst of a novice

Of feeling newly alive

a blazing fire within

Of adventuring

an 'explorer seeker' at heart

Of unplanned routes

time disappears

Of thoughts of cycling destinations

who more than where

Of riveting descents

and inspiring climbs

Of a boy in a go-cart

the centrifugal forces

Of sounds of a Spring twilight

birds, crickets in symphonic harmony

Of hawks surveying from tree-tops

descending on their prey, theatre-like

Of roadside empties of Absolute and Svedka

crinkled cans of Budweiser, Pabst, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz 'Tall Boys'

Of discarded nip bottles

plenty of nip bottles

Of sky views

in furious majesty, and serene magnetism

Of riding with friends

unique riding styles

Of 'riding together' interpretations


Of riding alone with my thoughts

or no thoughts

Of socially distant engagement

engagement nonetheless

Of Black Lives Matter signs

a rolling discussion, of what that means

Of Stop Asian Hate signs

rides not immune to sadness

Of sadness giving way to hope

smiles, waves, nods, masks and eyes

Of immense gratitude

every mile

Of unbridled joy

leaving PLS behind

Of remembering advice

'to live well,' he answered.


----- B L A C K L I V E S M A T T E R -----

----- S T O P A S I A N H A T E -----

"64 Killings in 20 Days of the Chauvin Trial --- Half Black or Latino"

(NYT, 18 Apr 2021)


Happy Birthday to my youngest, Kara, who turned 15 this month. An image captured 6 years ago on the summit of Mt. Washusett.


Pic from Mt. Wachusett, summit 25 Dec 2014
25 Dec 2014 (Alexa - Kara - Luke)


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Apr 27, 2021

Pete, Just checked this and the "blown away" post, so awesome! From the pics & videos it's easy to see you got a 1,000 miles in already. Keep rolling.



Apr 26, 2021

Thanks Glen-- likewise! Hope you noticed that the teaser email was me rolling along with your dad, the legend..."Earl the Pearl."


Apr 25, 2021

Love this, Pete! As always, you Inspire me!!!!


Apr 23, 2021

Dunno if this comment will show up associated with the “of” poem, but that is my intent. Pete, I have a line to add: “of” holding court with the varied characters/cyclists lingering around the general store and talking tech.

Apr 23, 2021
Replying to

Great addition, Bill!

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